Since it was released into the market in 2017, it has sold millions of versions. There is no doubt that it has kicked off the battle royale gaming crazy. It is solely responsible for what we are experiencing now. Actually, it is not so long when it landed on mobile devices. You can attest that you have gotten a lot of strange looks if you said that PUBG would run better on Xbox. In fact, the future of mobile gaming has never looked brighter at any one time.

You can’t deny that mobile gaming is absolutely remarkable to the extent of fitting well. It has managed to have all PUBG’s features onto touch screen displays. If you make no mistake, this will be the real PUBG experience. Usually, about one hundred people who are using their Android devices fly over a deserted island. In the process, they decide to dive from a plane where they steal from abandoned buildings.

For several hours, they gather a lot of resources. On their looting mission, only one person is left standing while others steal. When you are dropped onto a map and see the whole island sometime before the real-time, this will surely be an unforgettable experience. The mobile version comes with the original map. In short, in terms of overall performance, it’s all about as close to the PC iteration.

Clash Royale

Have you played the game recently? It is much better than the Xbox version when evaluated from a technical standpoint. You will find out that the frame rate is more stable while it has not crashed either. Although it may not have the popular cross-play support with PC and other consoles, it is more recommended specifically to people with more accurate control. But it would be better if it had been developed with some account customization.

This is a multiplayer shooter. It doesn’t have a traceable record with touchscreen controls. Overall you will feel much better rather than when playing other mobile shooters. If you have a reliable joystick, this means that you can easily move around. In addition, you can consider rotating the camera by simply dragging your thumb close to the screen. When you want to open your backpack or even jump, you will find some on-screen buttons.

After you have equipped yourself with a gun, the buttons will pop up. It will be a little cumbersome when you do all at the same time. You have less than two seconds to shoot after spotting the target. In case you miss your target, you must swipe your thumb to rotate. In most case, this makes it hard to line up shots.

Many people have attested that since they began playing this game, the controls are nowhere near sharp. This game should not be better than another version. You will feel excited about playing the same game at any time. As you drag your thumb across, you will accidentally fire off shots. This not only wastes very precious bullets but also alert your enemies.

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