Do you need to get away from the latest WoW or Overwatch balance changes? Are you tired of sitting up at the computer or your console while your opponent takes almost the entire timer to make a move?

Hearthstone on iOS makes it a lot easier to enjoy the game, and it runs like a dream. While people make a lot of jokes about playing World of Warcraft on a toaster, the truth is that WoW and a few Blizzard games can bring a lot of laptops and tablets to a grinding halt.

iOS handles Hearthstone well, and not a moment too soon! With a few cards retiring and WoW’s Azshara content sure to bring some whispers to Hearthstone as well, this is a good time to make the switch and get used to card swiping on an iPad or iPhone.

The iPad is one of the better ways to enjoy the game. They playing field itself is rectangular on most platforms, so using a tablet as a swiping surface makes things that much easier.

Response time is quick, and the feedback from your selections are crisp. You don’t have to worry about any awkward delays in tapping and swiping unless something is wrong with your tablet, and the audio is spectacular.

Clash Of Clans

In fact, Hearthstone is a pretty good test to see if anything is going wrong with your iPad. No games are perfect of course, but the code base and general performance for Hearthstone is as stable as it gets.

Running Hearthstone will test the onboard graphics processor at a medium pace, the memory load is average for mobile games. Unlike a lot of indie or fly-by-night developer games, there aren’t that many crashes or memory leak issues that could slow down your tablet just by playing games.

If you’re playing Hearthstone as a performance test, make sure to restart your iPad and close any other apps before getting started. This ensures that you’re not running any poorly-written apps in the background that could be sapping up too many resources.

If Hearthstone runs smoothly, all is well. If you constantly need to close apps that reopen or seem to be taking up resources in the background, it’s up to you if you want to get rid of those resource hogs.

In the odd event that Hearthstone crashes consistently for most users after an update, the forums are there. Blizzard has decent customer support for a gaming tech company–owing to its status as a leading Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) company thanks to World of Warcraft–and the tech support forums are fairly efficient.

Don’t expect to wait more than a week for a first response from Blizzard if you file a ticket through the official ticket system. It can even be answered on the same day during business days, but if you need immediate help, the forums and specifically the Hearthstone subforum can answer a lot of your questions.

If Blizzard staff concurs with advice given on the forums from other players, they may even respond in your forum thread. Message boards can be a bit weird like any social part of the internet, but for a gaming company–and especially in the mostly-business support forums–Hearthstone’s support personalities are fairly helpful.

All said and done, Hearthstone gets a 5/5 for a fun, casual card game that plays on good platforms.

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