There actually isn’t any fine line separating these two anymore.Technically speaking, both are specialized chairs designed to sustain long hours of working/gaming. The list of pros and cons based on real-world reviews could be as long as who knows but that is because people tend to affiliate their deciding factors based on their size, preference, usage, and working and gaming environment.

The simple answer is yes, you can use a gaming chair for a normal office chair and also the other way around. Actually, the added features of gaming chairs make it a bit more reliable in terms of ergonomics. Just take the ratio of the average number of working hours versus the average number of gaming hours a gamer spent on a daily basis. Let’s say that would be around 8 is to 12, with a 4-hour difference.

If you decide to go for a racing gaming chair, give this Deutsch gaming stuhl test a read it’s in German but has all the specifications for all the gaming stuhls (chairs) they have tested. It tackles the various features of both and how the other could be more beneficial based on your preference than the other. As mentioned before, both chairs are great whether for gaming or working, you just have to invest in the right one. Also, we’re not living in the 80’s anymore. Online real-world reviews are everywhere to help you decide what’s best for you.

If a regular office chair can support an 8-hour job, how much more with gaming chairs. Piece of cake. For things like ‘how would it look like in an office?’ or ‘does that look corporate to you?’ are subject for discussion if you go down that road. Well, gaming chairs are for gaming so you don’t expect it to look like something a Business Manager will discuss the fiscal year’s plan to his/her partners. Functionality-wise, it would be great to break the trend every once in a while if you want to use a gaming chair for a normal office chair. It’s cozy, comfortable enough and the different colors it varies can be the new style you’re looking for.

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