In this article I will show you how to hack any game on an Android device without root. Games are a form of entertainment that keeps us busy for some time, and once you get addicted, you can’t leave it behind. The game is a kind of fun you get by playing the game. So […]

Players’ gameplay experiences are tied to how difficult it is to utilize controls within a game. Gamepad controllers have been around with us since the dawn of the NES and Sega Genesis platforms. Over the past several years, Android and iPhone games have gradually become more mainstream alongside their PC and console counterparts. While they […]

There is no doubt that mobile gaming is the biggest player in the video game market. Actually, it made more than half of the industry’s global revenue in 2018. You will find numerous selections of games for Android phones in the Google Play store. You can attest that identifying real games can be quite challenging. […]

Do you know anyone who plays point and clicks adventure games? Some people prefer jumping and racing rather than doing that. In most cases, they play them for the package. You can agree with me that it is natural to assume that the actual results will fall into the stealth genre. This will happen only […]

Since it was released into the market in 2017, it has sold millions of versions. There is no doubt that it has kicked off the battle royale gaming crazy. It is solely responsible for what we are experiencing now. Actually, it is not so long when it landed on mobile devices. You can attest that […]

Is it Worth Getting a Nintendo Switch? The Nintendo Switch is a home gaming console alongside its peers the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. What makes it unique is its portability, with two Joy-Con controllers mounted on the side that gives it the appearance of portable console, while simultaneously offering Switch owners the ability to […]

Into the Dead 2 for the Android is a fast paced, first person shooter and is a good challenge even for the seasoned gamer. The game was developed by PIKPOK and released in November 2017. Story and Content. You’re running through a zombie apocalypse avoiding and killing anything that comes across your path in order […]

Introduction: Portable Gaming Controls Android devices are versatile, so it’s no surprise that they have gaming capability in place of the most popular brands like Nintendo DS or PlayStation Vita. However, touch screens on Android devices aren’t always the most intuitive form of control, which can make playing games on them a frustrating experience. Having […]

Do you need to get away from the latest WoW or Overwatch balance changes? Are you tired of sitting up at the computer or your console while your opponent takes almost the entire timer to make a move? Hearthstone on iOS makes it a lot easier to enjoy the game, and it runs like a […]