Into the Dead 2 for the Android is a fast paced, first person shooter and is a good challenge even for the seasoned gamer. The game was developed by PIKPOK and released in November 2017.

Story and Content.

You’re running through a zombie apocalypse avoiding and killing anything that comes across your path in order to save your family.

The storyline evolves as your work your way through the levels and there’s a good back and forth via radio with your family as you struggle to reach them. The game has multiple endings depending on the choices you make throughout. This gives it great replayability to find out the different endings but it’s so satisfying to play that you’ll want to rerun the levels just to improve your stats.

The game also includes some great set pieces where you will have to shoot down hoards of zombies as they charge towards you. The weapons in these scenes are amazing fun, for example a heavy machine gun which just rips through the undead like a knife through butter.

With a good selection of weapons and upgrades throughout the game you won’t be short of choices when it comes to deciding how to blow the heads off the zombie hoards. You start out with a choice between a decent handgun and a back up weapon of the classic sawn off shotgun that zombie gamers love so well, known as the Brute Double. You will want to conserve your ammo though because the game gets much harder as you progress through the levels.

Clash Royale

Graphics and Music.

The game’s graphics are really second to none and the cinematic out takes and plot developing scenes are excellent. Highly immersive, these draw you into the story and make you feel part of the action. The environments that you do battle in are varied and the design quality stands up to any of the more traditional gaming platforms.

The music is primarily ambient and keeps you feeling on edge in the haunting surroundings of the game. The sound effects are gritty and the weapon effects are solid.

Gameplay and Control.

The controls are intuitive and you’ll have no problems learning your way around then. You are automatically running so you don’t have to worry about that, but you will have to steer your way through the hoards. You can either shoot or avoid the zombies but since you won’t have enough ammo or time to shoot them all you’ll need some fancy footwork to weave your way through them.

The guns feel surprisingly realistic to shoot as you race through the dark atmosphere full of looming figures that want your flesh.

Overall this is a superb first person shooter zombie adventure with a satisfying story and top quality graphics throughout. The story evolves well and with multiple endings you really are in control of your own fate.

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